Nano GPS Chipset Market: Global Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast, 2022-2032

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Nano GPS Chipset Market Overview and Definition

The Nano GPS chipset market refers to the global market for miniature GPS (Global Positioning System) chipsets that are small in size and offer high accuracy and precision location data. Nano GPS chipsets are used in various applications, including personal navigation devices, fitness trackers, wearable devices, smartwatches, and automotive navigation systems.

The Nano GPS chipset market is driven by factors such as the growing demand for location-based services, increasing adoption of GPS-enabled devices, and the miniaturization of electronics. The market can be segmented based on application, end-use industry, and geography.

The application segment includes personal navigation devices, fitness trackers, wearable devices, smartwatches, and automotive navigation systems. The end-use industry segment includes consumer electronics, automotive, and others. Geographically, the market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The key players in the Nano GPS chipset market include Broadcom Inc., Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Mediatek Inc., STMicroelectronics N.V., and U-blox Holding AG. These companies offer a range of Nano GPS chipset products and services for various applications and industries.

The Nano GPS chipset market is highly competitive, with several large and small players offering a range of products and services. The market is characterized by the presence of several established players as well as new entrants. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards the development of advanced GPS chipsets that offer higher accuracy and precision, and improved power efficiency.

The global Nano GPS chipset market accounted for USD XX.X Million in 2019. Further, the market is expected to reach to a valuation of USD XX.X Million by the end of 2032. Moreover, it is anticipated to flourish at a CAGR of 13.9% during the forecast period i.e. 2022-2032.

Growth Drivers & Barriers:

The Nano GPS chipset is an innovation in the immense variety of GPS solution. These nanochips are so tiny that they can even fit into a currency note and no one can even notice them. Further, increasing demand for digitization and Nano GPS chipset solutions in industrial applications are expected to increase the growth of the global Nano GPS chipset market in the upcoming years. In addition to this, growing demand for commercial devices enabled with tracking features is projected to intensify the growth of the global Nano GPS chipset market. Moreover, the rising technological advancements and the uptake of these chips in the consumer electronics sector is anticipated to drive the growth of the global Nano GPS chipset market over the forecasted period.
However, high installation cost of the Nano GPS chipset is likely to negatively impact the demand for the global Nano GPS Chipset market.

Regional Outlook:

In terms of geography, the Nano GPS chipset market is analyzed into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Among these regions, North America is anticipated to account for the highest percentage of market share in the overall Nano GPS chipset market during the forecast period. Factor such as increasing popularity and growing demand for tracking devices are envisioned to positively impact the growth rate of North America Nano GPS chipset market over the upcoming years. In addition to this, Asia Pacific is expected to witness remarkable growth during the forecasted period. Further, the increasing number of smartphone users and rising demand for wearables devices in the region are projected to intensify the growth of Nano GPS chipset market.


The research offers a comprehensive analysis of Nano GPS chipset market with respect to following sub-markets:

By Application

- Smartphones
- UAVs
- Asset Tracking
- Wearables
- Automotive
- Personal Digital Assistants
- Others

By Sensitivity

- 165 dBm & Above
- Below −165 dBm

By Geography

North America (U.S. & Canada)
Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe)
Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia Pacific)
Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Rest of Latin America)
Middle East & Africa (GCC, North Africa, South Africa and Rest of Middle East & Africa)

Competitive Landscape

The report profiles various major market players such as;

- MediaTek, Inc.
- Unicore Communications, Inc.
- Qualcomm Incorporated
- OriginGPS Ltd.
- Broadcom Inc.
- Analog Devices, Inc.
- ATMEL Corporation
- Infineon Technologies AG
- U-blox
- VLSI Solutions
- Other Major & Niche Players

Competitive landscape analysis provides detailed strategic analysis of the company’s business and performance such as financial information, revenue breakup by segment and by geography, SWOT Analysis, key facts, company overview, business strategy, key product offerings, marketing and distribution strategies, new product development, recent news (acquisition, expansion, technology development, research & development and other market activities).

The study also provides company’s positioning and market share in Nano GPS chipset market.

Timeline Considered for Analysis:

- 2019: Base Year
- 2020: Estimated Year
- 2020 to 2025: Forecasted Year

Research Scope and Deliverables

Overview & Executive Summary
Market Drivers, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Market Size and Forecast Projections
Macroeconomic Indicators of Various Countries Impacting the Growth of the Market
Extensive Coverage of Industry Players including Recent Product Launches and Market Activities
Porter’s Five Force Analysis
Market Segmentation Analysis:
Industry report analyzes the global Nano GPS chipset market by the following segments:
- Application
- Sensitivity

Geographic Market Analysis:

The report offers separate analysis of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. In addition, further breakdown of market data and analysis of region into countries is covered in the report.

Customization: We also offers customization’s in the industry report as per the company’s specific needs.

Key Questions Answered in the Global Nano GPS Chipset Industry Report:

- What is the overall market size in 2019? What will be the market growth during the forecast period i.e. 2020-2025?
- Which region would have high demand for product in the upcoming years?
- What are the factors driving the growth of the market?
- Which sub-market will make the most significant contribution to the market?
- What are the market opportunities for existing and entry-level players?
- What are various long-term and short-term strategies adopted by the market players?

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  • Publication date: 19th February 2023
  • Base year: 2022
  • Forecast year: 2023-2033
  • Format: PDF, PPT,Word,Excel

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