Egg White Powder Market By Application (Food & Beverage, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals); By Distribution Channel (Online Retail Stores, Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, Specialty Store); By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) - Global Market Analysis, Trends, Opportunity and Forecast, 2022-2032

Egg White Powder Market Overview and Definition

The global egg white powder market size was valued at around USD 2.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of around 3.5% from 2022 to 2032.The market size is projected to succeed in USD 3.5 billion by 2032. Egg white powder, also known as egg albumen powder, is a dried form of egg white that is used as a food ingredient in a variety of products such as baked goods, protein supplements, and sports nutrition products. It is made by separating the egg white from the yolk, pasteurizing it, and then drying it into a powder form.

Egg white powder is a good source of high-quality protein, as it contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs to build and maintain muscle mass and support other bodily functions. It is also low in fat and cholesterol, making it a popular ingredient in health and fitness products.

The global egg white powder market is driven by the increasing demand for high-protein and low-fat food products, particularly in the sports and fitness industry. The market is also driven by the growing preference for plant-based protein sources, as egg white powder is a suitable alternative to animal-based protein sources.

The global pandemic has impacted the egg white powder market, but the market is expected to recover and grow in the coming years. The market is expected to benefit from the increasing adoption of healthy and natural food products, as well as the growing demand for protein supplements and sports nutrition products.

Some of the leading players in the egg white powder market include Eurovo S.R.L, Rose Acre Farms, Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc., Ovostar Union, and Michael Foods, Inc. These companies are investing in the development of new and innovative egg white powder products that can meet the evolving needs of their customers and create new business opportunities. They are also collaborating with other companies to expand their product portfolios and strengthen their position in the market.

Egg White Powder Market Graph

Egg White Powder Market Growth Drivers

Increasing Consumption of Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Healthcare concerns has led to people switch towards preventive health approach over treatment. Further, this growth of health and wellness trends is catering significant growth opportunities for companies to grow and diversify their product offerings. Further, advantages of egg white protein such as lactose free can act as a replacement for milk-based protein powders. Moreover, leading companies are planning to enter into egg protein powder manufacturing which is anticipated to bolster the growth of global egg white powder market.

Increasing Population of Vegetarianism

Rising number of vegetarian populations is anticipated to create substantial demand for egg white powder. Further, there has been significant shift of meat eaters towards vegetarianism. This further signal promising growth for global egg white powder systems market.

Egg White Powder Market Barriers

High Price as Compared to Eggs

Factors such as high price as compared to regular eggs is restraining the growth of egg white powder market. Further, low disposable income of population in developing and undeveloped nations is also restraining them to switch to egg white powder. for global egg white powder market.

Egg White Powder Market Segmentation Analysis

The egg white powder market by grade type is segmented into food grade and technical. The market for food grade captured highest percentage in 2021. Moreover, it is anticipated to continue its dominance during the forecast period. Moreover, food grade segment is anticipated to propel at a higher growth rate as compared to other segments market during the forecast period.
Further, global egg white powder market is also segmented by sales channel into direct sales and indirect sales. Indirect sales segment is likely to witness highest year-on-year growth during the forecast period.

  • By Application
    • Food & Beverage
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • By Distribution Channel
    • Online Retail Stores
    • Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
    • Specialty Store

Egg White Powder Market Geographical Analysis

Geographically, the report offers analysis of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. In egg white powder market, North America acquired leading position in global egg white powder market. High awareness regarding health concerns is expected to bolster the growth of North America egg white powder market. Moreover, Asia Pacific egg white powder market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period. Growing awareness about preventive healthcare among population are some of the key factors which are believed to propel the growth of Asia Pacific egg white powder market during the forecast period.

Egg White Powder Market Competitive Landscape

The report profiles various major market players such as;

- Merck KGaA
- HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
- Kewpie Corporation
- NOW Health Group, Inc
- Taiyo Kagaku Co. Ltd.
- Avangardco
- Sanovo
- JW Nutritional, LLC
- Rembrandt Foods
- Other Key & Niche Players

Competitive landscape analysis provides detailed strategic analysis of the company’s business and performance such as financial information, revenue breakup by segment and by geography, SWOT Analysis, key facts, company overview, business strategy, key product offerings, marketing and distribution strategies, new product development, recent news (acquisition, expansion, technology development, research & development and other market activities).
The study also provides company’s positioning and market share in egg white powder market.

Timeline Considered for Analysis:

- 2021: Base Year

- 2022: Estimated Year

- 2022 to 2032: Forecasted Year

Research Scope and Deliverables

Overview & Executive Summary
Market Drivers, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Market Size and Forecast Projections
Macroeconomic Indicators of Various Countries Impacting the Growth of the Market
Extensive Coverage of Industry Players including Recent Product Launches and Market Activities
Porter’s Five Force Analysis
Market Segmentation Analysis:
Industry report analyzes the global egg white powder market by the following segments:
- Grade
- Sales Channel

Customization: We also offers customization’s in the industry report as per the company’s specific needs.

Key Questions Answered in the Global Egg White Powder Industry Report

- What is the overall market size in 2021? What will be the market growth during the forecast period i.e. 2022-2032?
- Which region would have high demand for product in the upcoming years?
- What are the factors driving the growth of the market?
- Which sub-market will make the most significant contribution to the market?
- What are the market opportunities for existing and entry-level players?
- What are various long-term and short-term strategies adopted by the market players?

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  • Publication date: 19th October 2023
  • Base year: 2022
  • Forecast year: 2023-2033
  • Format: PDF, PPT,Word,Excel

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