Double Suction Pump Market - By Product Type, By End Use, By Application, By Material Type & Global Region - Market Size, Trends, Opportunity, Forecast 2021-2025

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  • Published on: April 2021
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A centrifugal pump can be defined as a device that is used to transfer liquids from one end to another. It is also called as suction pump. It works on the principal of centrifugal force. Energy provided by prime movers, such as steam turbine, electric motor, gasoline engine is converted into energy within the liquid that is being pumped. Pumps are used in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications such as aquarium filtering, pumping water from wells, pond filtering and aeration, in automobile industry pumps are used for fuel injection and water-cooling, in power and energy industry they are used to pump oil and natural gas, and for operating components of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the design of a pump, when the casing of the pump contains one revolving impeller, it is called single-stage pump. When there are two revolving impellers in the casing the pump structure is called a double stage pump. 

Usually in a double suction pump, the flow rate is distributed over impellers that are arranged on pump shaft while the head remains constant. This arrangement of back-to-back impellers helps in balancing the axial thrust. Due to this advantage double suction pumps are compact in design. Double suction pumps are mainly used when the requirement of flow rate for a pump is exceptionally large for one impeller. They are also used when the velocity of the flow in the inlet cross-section of the first impeller needs to be reduced to prevent cavitation.

There are several advantages of a double suction pump over single suction pump. One double suction pump is as good as two same diameter end-suction pumps that is why its flow quantity can be easily doubled by using the same diameter impeller. Moreover, the horizontal split structure of double suction pump shell makes it easier for inspection and maintenance. Entry end and exit end of a double suction pump is in the same direction, perpendicular to the pump shaft, making it helpful for installing pumps and water pipes. Due to its added advantages over single pumps, double suction pumps are widely used in power stations, drainage and irrigation of farmland, firefighting, pump stations, waterworks, shipping, chemical industry, and mining industry. 

The double suction pump market offers promising growth opportunities owing to rapid industrialization and escalating demand for suction pumps from various industry verticals. Rise in industrialization is mainly attributed to growing population and with this, the demand for pure water for various domestic, industrial, and agricultural applications has also increased since last few years. Water pollution is the problem for the global environment, but this factor is expected to offer the pump manufacturers lucrative opportunities. Owing to the growing water pollution levels, the investments in wastewater treatment are also increasing. Government bodies and many private companies as well as NGOs are involved in water pollution prevention programs and campaigns. Due to various authorities' involvement in water cleaning, a significant increase is seen in wastewater treatment plants. Owing to this demand for double suction pumps is also increasing from the wastewater treatment industry. In addition to the water treatment industry, in regions affected by scarcity of portable water, the number of desalination plants is continuously increasing for brackish water treatment. Increase in the number of desalination plants is boosting the growth of double suction pump market. 

On a larger scale, double suction pumps are used in electricity generation process. Electricity is generated through hydro power plants all over the world, and double suction pumps are important parts in such huge hydro power plants. With rising electricity demand, demand for electricity production will also increase, and it will lead to the increase in the demand for double suction pumps, which is an opportunity for the market to grow in underdeveloped and developed countries. Advancements in agricultural techniques also promise prominent growth opportunities for the market. The high yield of agricultural production is rising and indirectly increases the demand for double suction pumps in irrigation and agriculture purposes. Established market players are focusing on reducing power consumption and at the same time increasing the efficiency of pumps. 

Farmers in low-income groups mainly in developing and underdeveloped regions usually prefer buying pumps of low quality, owing to low price. This factor might restrain the market growth in such regions during the forecast time.

To analysis, the global double suction pump market is segmented on the basis of product type, end use application, material type, and region. Based on product type the market is further sub segmented into horizontal split double suction pump, and vertical split double suction pump. Based on end use application, the market is divided into power generation, wastewater management, irrigation, water supply, marine, and industrial. The market bifurcated into horizontal split double suction pump and vertical split double suction pump on the material type basis. For the purpose of regional analysis, the market is studied across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. 

In the Asia-Pacific region, the double suction pump market is boosted by increased industrial activities. Moreover, with the rapidly growing population in the region, pure water is growing; hence, demand for double suction pumps from the water supply industry is growing in the Asia Pacific region. 

Some of the leading market players in the global double suction pump market are Xylem Inc., Torishima, Modo Pump Co, Shanghai Pacific Pump Manufacture, Pumpiran, Hunan Credo Pump. Sulzer Ltd., Goulds Pumps, Sintech Pumps, and Buffalo Pumps,

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