Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Trends Analysis Report By Component ,By Battery Type, By End-use, By Region,and Forecasts-2032

Autonomous Mobile Robots:

Autonomous mobile robots pick, transport, and sort items within manufacturing and distribution facilities without manual intervention. AMRs leverage vision cameras, onboard sensors, and facility maps integrated with the warehouse execution software (WES) to perform various operations, such as moving raw materials and manufactured goods within the facility. AMRs are highly preferred owing to their myriad benefits, such as preventing product damage, reducing labor costs, enhancing productivity, and automating processes. Incumbents of several industries and industry verticals, including transportation & logistics, automotive, and food & beverages, are already reaping the benefits of adopting AMRs.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market:Size and Share

The market size for Autonomous Mobile Robots Market was USD 3.0 billion in the year 2022. It is expected that the market size for Autonomous Mobile Robots will increase by approximately USD 12.5 billion by 2032 as the market for Autonomous Mobile Robots is continuously growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5% during the forecast period 2023-2032.

 Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Report Scope

Base Year

Market Size


USD 3.0 billion


Forecast Year

Market Size



USD 12.5 billion

CAGR Value


15.5% from 2023 to 2032



  • By Component
  • By type
  • By battery type
  • By end-use
  • By region



  • High cost

Growth Drivers


  • The emergence of artificial intelligence technology in autonomous mobile robots
  • High adoption of robots in manufacturing and warehouse logistics operations
  • Rise in e-commerce sector

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Key Drivers:

There are various factors that help in the growth of the Autonomous Mobile Robots Market. They are as follows:

  • The emergence of artificial intelligence technology: Mobile robots are experiencing increasing adoption of sensors and software for control and perception, which allows robots to understand and react to its surrounding. The integration of AI technology in AMR majorly focuses on vision systems and machine learning, which further helps to improve sensor-based capabilities.
  • High adoption of robots in manufacturing: AMR offers several benefits in the manufacturing sector, such as improving productivity and automation processes, prevention of product damage, and reducing labor costs.
  • Rise in the e-commerce sector: The e-commerce sector's explosive growth over the past several years is primarily driving up AMR demand in the logistics sector. For instance, Walmart's online sales increased by 300% during the beginning of the epidemic. Walmart expanded several of its stores with Market Fulfillment Centers, a sort of small warehouse, to handle the increase in online orders. In these centers, mobile robots are used to acquire goods and prepare them for pickup.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Challenges:

There are many challenges that are faced by Autonomous Mobile Robots Market. They are listed below:

  • High cost: High investment is required in the initial stage to establish an automated distribution or manufacturing facility to obtain high efficiency and productivity. This resulted in a challenging situation for small and medium enterprises to put such high investments due to their long delay returns and low production output.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Regional Synopsis:

  • North America: North America is likely to grow at a steady rate owing to rising E-commerce sales observed in this region. Also, rapid technological adoption, the presence of major manufacturers operating in this region, and massive funding from regulatory bodies to build automated warehouses and distribution centers further enhance growth.
  • Europe: Europe dominated the market in 2022, accounting for over 28% share of the global revenue. This can be attributed to the rising demand for material handling equipment from the incumbents of the manufacturing industry. Continued process automation in other sectors and industry verticals is also driving the regional market's growth.
  • Asia Pacific: The Asia Pacific regional market is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period. The growing e-commerce industry in the emerging economies of Asia Pacific is promoting the deployment of autonomous mobile robots for inventory management. The adoption of AMRs is also gaining traction owing to the intense competition underway within the e-commerce industry as e-commerce companies try to distinguish themselves by reducing the delivery time of goods.
  • South America: South America is forecasted to exhibit a slow growth rate owing to major vendors expanding their production capacities, sales, and distribution channels in emerging economies to cater to the unattended market, further driving the growth of the market.
  • MEA: The Middle East and Africa are anticipated to grow at a moderate rate with the rising infrastructure development observed in this region.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Segmentation:

The Autonomous Mobile Robots Market is segmented into various categories which are listed below:

By Component:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services

By type:

  • Goods-to-person picking robots
  • Self-driving Forklifts
  • Autonomous Inventory Robots
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

By battery type:

  • Lead Battery
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Nickel-based Battery
  • Others

By end-use:

  • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Electronics
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Plastics
    • Defense
    • FMCG
    • Others
  • Wholesale & Distribution
    • E-commerce
    • Retail Chains/Conveyance Stores
    • Others

By region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America
  • MEA

Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Key Players:

  • ABB
  • Bleum
  • Boston Dynamics
  • Clearpath Robotics, Inc.
  • GreyOrange
  • Harvest Automation
  • IAM Robotics
  • inVia Robotics, Inc.
  • Teradyne Inc.
  • Others

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  • Publication date: 19th September 2023
  • Base year: 2022
  • Forecast year: 2023-2033
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Autonomous mobile robots pick, transport, and sort items within manufacturing and distribution facilities without manual intervention.

The major factors driving the growth of the autonomous mobile robots’ market include: the emergence of artificial intelligence technology in autonomous mobile robots, high adoption of robots in manufacturing and warehouse logistics operations, and rise in e-commerce sector.

The major challenges facing the autonomous mobile robots market include: high cost.

Some key players in the autonomous mobile robots’ market include ABB, Bleum, Boston Dynamics, Clearpath Robotics, Inc., GreyOrange, Harvest Automation, IAM Robotics, inVia Robotics, Inc., KUKA AG, and Teradyne Inc.

Europe dominated the autonomous mobile robots market with a share of 28% in 2022. This is attributable to the increasing demand for automation and material handling equipment in various industries.

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