High-Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board Market - By Product Layer, By End Use & Global Region - Market Size, Trends, Opportunity, Forecast 2021-2026

A high-density interconnect (HDI) is the fastest growing technology used in the printed circuit board (PCB) than the conventional circuit boards. Some components help in reducing signal loss and crossing delays. Shorter distance between electronic components and the small size of the components helps to transmit signals from one part to another. Among the various technologies used in the printed circuit board (PCB), a High-Density Interconnect (HDI) is the fastest growing technology with higher wire density than the conventional or traditional circuit board. It works more effectively and efficiently rather than the conventional interconnection. These HDI Printed Circuit Boards have finer lines and spaces, smaller components, and capture pads. Therefore, they are widely adopted in the consumer electronics sector and have a high growth potential in the automotive industry.

The High-Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board (HDI PCB) market seems to be promising with wide-scale usage in smartphone, computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, and automotive industries. Some emerging trends have directly impacted the HDI PCB Industry, includes minimizing electronic devices and increasing demand for low high-speed HDI PCBs. 

Globally, the High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market is expected to grow to USD 17,600.6 million by 2026. HDI PCB has a higher density than a traditional PCB, allowing designers to place more components on an HDI PCB.

In this market, smartphones & tablets is the largest segment by end-use, whereas 4-6 layer HDI PCB is the largest by technology.  

Market Driver:

The HDI PCB market shows significant growth due to factors such as lower weight and smaller size of the components, growing sales of electronic consumers, higher effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, the rise in utilization of HDI technology in automobiles is expected to provide significant growth opportunities for the market. The advancement of automotive electronics is also favouring the growth of market. 

PCBs consist of smaller sizes components, energy-efficient with high performance. This is one of the major factors that drive the growth of the HDI PCB Market across the globe. This also helped the overall electronics industry to produce smarter, lighter, faster, and smaller products. 

The growth of the automotive market also drives THE HDI PCB market due to emergence of highly connected cars and its autonomous and connected cars consistent digitalised and advanced techniques.

Increasing utilization of HDI technology in automobiles, growth in the sale of electronic components and other factors helps in the growth of the market as a whole.

High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board Market Segmentation:

By End Use:

  • Smartphone
  • Computer
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive

By Product Layer:

  • 4-6 layers 
  • 8-10 layers
  • 10+ layers

By Region:

  • North America (U.S. & Canada)
  • Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Rest of Latin America)
  • Middle East & Africa (GCC, North Africa, South Africa and Rest of the Middle East & Africa)

Regional Insights:

HDI PCB market segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa based on regional market shares.

North America captured largest share in HDI PCB market. This region is considered the most advanced region in terms of developing and adopting innovative technologies. Among various countries in North America region, the US is one of the major dominant in the market and expected to be a dominating country in the HDI PCB market in the upcoming future and with their advanced technologies and developments over the period. They showed a significant rise in the advancement of technologies in every segment. Taking the perspective of automotive and consumer electronics industry end users, this region 

has a significant potential to generate huge revenues in the HDI PCB market which resulted in their growth.

Furthermore, Asia-Pacific is expected to at the fastest rate. There are some of the driving factors for the HDI PCB market in the region, such as availability of low cost technologies and presence of many electronic devices manufacturing firms in the region. Asia Pacific region also contributes towards the revenue generation of this market across the globe. Meanwhile, the leading countries in this region are India , Japan and China. Market also expected to receive this kind of share from this region and these countries from contributing in similar manner in upcoming future.

Latin America is also envisioned to contribute to the betterment and growth of HDI PCB market during the forecast period.

Key Players: 

  1. LLC (US)
  2. TTM Technologies (US)
  3. PCBCART (China)
  4. Millennium Circuits Limited (US)
  5. RAYMING (China)
  6. Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  8. Advanced Circuits (US)
  10. Other Key Players

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  • Base year: 2022
  • Forecast year: 2023-2033
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