India Online Food Delivery Market Study

India Online Food Delivery Market Study

India Online Food Delivery Market (2018-2023)
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  • FEB 2019
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India Online Food Delivery Market Research Study

The analysis of this study offers extensive and highly detailed current as well as future market trends in the global and regional/markets. The study of India Online Food Delivery Market involves market size, Y-o-Y growth analysis and a detailed structure of the overall industry. The market analysis is based upon a unique combination of industry research, market sizing analysis, and our in-house expertise. The report also highlights the competitive landscape of India Online Food Delivery Market, including market share & positioning of all the prominent key players in the industry.

The meaning of foodtech has evolved over the years. Earlier, it referred to food processing and the technology used for its manufacturing. Now, it pertains to the online food ordering and delivery services market. Adequate funding and investments in this market space have enabled companies to provide online food delivery services that have never been seen before.

The popularity of online food delivery service can be attributed to the several benefits it provides, such as food delivered to the doorstep of the customer, various payment options, attractive discounts, rewards, and cashback offers. Restaurants and cafes also find it profitable to sell their food through online mediums since it reduces a significant amount of operational overheads. College students, working couples and office goers are the key target audience of foodtech companies.

More than 80% of the orders that come on these online food delivery platforms are from the top five Indian cities, out of the 20 where they are active. The report online food delivery market in India (2018-2023) takes a look at the current market scenario, its segmentations, drivers and deterrents of growth, investments, the competitive landscape, and recent developments.

Key growth factor:

- Higher disposable income, families with Double-Income-No-Kids (DINKS), a greater number of people with access to internet, and increased smartphone are some of the major factors that are leading to the growth of the online food delivery market in India.

Key players:

- Foodpanda, Swiggy, Faasos, and Zomato are currently among the top-rated food ordering aggregators operating in the Indian market.

What’s covered in the report?

1. Overview of the India online food delivery market
2. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the India online food delivery market (2014 to 2023)
3. Qualitative analysis of the India online food delivery market and its segments (by cuisine - fast food, Indian food, Italian food and others), by food ordering method - web and mobile
4. Major investments in the Indian online food delivery market
5. Qualitative analysis of the major drivers and challenges affecting the market
6. Analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles of major players operating in the market
7. Key recent developments associated with the online food delivery market in India

Why buy?

1. Get a broad understanding of the online food delivery market in India, the dynamics of the market and current state of the sector
2. Strategize marketing, market-entry, market expansion and other business plans by understanding the factors driving growth in the market
3. Be informed regarding the key developments in the market
4. Understand major competitors’ business strategies and market dynamics and respond accordingly to benefit from the market

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Chapter 1: Executive summary

Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

Chapter 3: Introduction
3.1. Online food delivery market definition
3.2. India foodtech market definition and structure

Chapter 4: Indian online food delivery market - overview
4.1. Online food delivery market size and growth forecast - value-wise
4.2. Player-wise financial performance comparison
4.2.1. Sales
4.2.2. Losses
4.3. Average daily orders of major food aggregators
4.3.1.  Zomato
4.3.2. Swiggy
4.3.3. Foodpanda
4.3.4. UberEats
4.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Chapter 5: Indian online food delivery market - segmentation
5.1. Cuisine-wise
5.1.1. Fast food
5.1.2. Indian food
5.1.3. Italian food
5.1.4. Others
5.2. Food ordering method-wise
5.2.1. Web
5.2.2. Mobile
5.3. Player-wise
5.3.1. Swiggy
5.3.2. Zomato
5.4. City-wise
5.4.1. Bengaluru
5.4.2. Mumbai
5.4.3. Delhi
5.4.4. Pune
5.4.5. Kolkata
5.4.6. Hyderabad
5.4.7. Chennai
5.4.8. Others

Chapter 6: Key growth drivers of the market

Chapter 7: Key deterrents to the growth of the market

Chapter 8: Major investments in the market

Chapter 9: Competitive landscape
9.1. Bundl Technologies Private Limited
9.1.1. Corporate information
9.1.2. Business description
9.1.3. Products & services
9.1.4. Key people
9.1.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.1.6. Key ratios
9.1.7. Business segments, geographic segments
9.2. Zomato Media Private Limited
9.2.1. Corporate information
9.2.2. Business description
9.2.3. Products & services
9.2.4. Key people
9.2.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.2.6. Key ratios
9.2.7. Business segments, geographic segments
9.3. Pisces Eservices Private Limited
9.3.1. Corporate information
9.3.2. Business description
9.3.3. Products & services
9.3.4. Key people
9.3.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.3.6. Key ratios
9.3. Business segments, geographic segments
9.4. Faaso's Food Services Private Limited
9.4.1. Corporate information
9.4.2. Business description
9.4.3. Products & services
9.4.4. Key people
9.4.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.4.6. Key ratios
9.4.7. Business segments, geographic segments
9.5. Foodvista India Private Limited
9.5.1. Corporate information
9.5.2. Business description
9.5.3. Products & services
9.5.4. Key people
9.5.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.5.6. Key ratios
9.5.7. Business segments, geographic segments
9.6. Food Panda
9.6.1. Corporate information
9.6.2. Business description
9.6.3. Products & services
9.6.4. Key people
9.6.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.6.6. Key ratios
9.6.7. Business segments, geographic segments
9.7. UberEats
9.7.1. Corporate information
9.7.2. Business description
9.7.3. Products & services
9.7.4. Key people
9.7.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
9.7.7. Key ratios
9.7.8. Business segments, geographic segments

Chapter 10: Recent developments

Chapter 11: Appendix
a. Research methodology
b. Assumptions
c. About Netscribes Inc

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