Boron Trifluoride, BF? is an inorganic compound which forms white fumes in moist air. It is a pungent colorless toxic gas forms. It is a useful not only a useful form of Lewis acid but also acts as a building block for other boron compounds. The compound is soluble in water. The molar mass and density of boron trifluoride is 67.82 g/mol and 2.76 kg/m³ respectively. The boiling point is -100.3 °C and melting point is -126.8 °C.

As per the fresh report by KD Market insights on “Boron trifluoride market”, the market is currently totaled to be USD XXX million in 2017 which is expected to reach USD XXX million in 2023.

Industry Insights -
The study aims to provide an overview of the boron trifluoride market so that market can be evaluated on the basis of market size, opportunities available in the market for the entry as well as existing competitors. It also puts forward the key factors, insights and distribution that market is going to witness in coming future. It aims to target its customers that overall affect the demand of the market. The market is divided into segments and further in sub-segments to analyze the market properly so that every aspect of the market is considered while evaluation of the market. Further, the market is dynamic in nature and continuously changes to cater the needs of the customers. There are many reasons why this market is at growing at such a pace. Some of them are listed here.

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Functions of Boron Trifluoride –
• It is highly used in chemical and semiconductor manufacturing
• It is used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions like unsaturated acids, terpene derivatives a cyclization reaction.
• It improves the efficiency and yield of the process along with end-product quality
Other than functions, this compound can cause thermal burns and is irritating to eyes and skin. This has to be handled with care. Moreover, the inhalation of BF3 is highly suffocating and its transportation in a huge quantity is tedious task. These factors are likely to hamper the market growth.

Segmentation Analysis –
The report highlights the segmentation which is considered as base for understanding overall market prospective. The market is divided by grade, application and end-use. By grade, market is sub-segmented as purified and high-purity. By application, market is divided into catalyst, reagent and others. By end-use, market is further divided as Semiconductor Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Others.
By grade, the purified segment is going to rule the market and thus constitutes the major market share. Among application, catalyst has covered more than half of the market share. Chemical manufacturing is going to rule the market in terms of revenue in terms of end-user industries.

Geographical Analysis –
The research provides deep insights about the geographical distribution of the market. The market is segmented into various areas to analyze the overall revenue earned from a particular area. The regions covered are North America, Middle East & Africa, Asia pacific region, Europe and Latin America.
As per the reports, Asian countries dominated the market in 2017 and it will continue its lead during the projected period of 6 years. The boron trifluoride market is growing market because it is going to create new opportunities in terms of end-users. However, China among the Asian countries region can witness the highest growth in number as compared to all other regions due to expansion in chemical and end-user industries. The potential growth can be seen in India, Malyasia, Singapore and Japan at a rapid pace.

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Competition Analysis –
The competition analysis of the market has been done to map the key players of the market. It includes their recent products, acquisitions, mergers, new strategies to grab the market. The producers as compared to other industries are less and are more active at regional level with local B2B business.
Some of the key players are Honeywell International Inc., BASF SE, Stella Chemifa Corporation, Entegris Inc., Navin Fluorine International Ltd and other prominent players.

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