Pre-Owned Luxury Goods

Helping a Store based Pre-Owned Luxury Goods Company to Leverage E-Commerce Opportunities

Business Challenge

The client offers pre-owned luxury goods through physical stores across Japan. The company wanted to expand its distribution network. An increasing number of physical stores and companies offering pre-owned luxury goods in Japan is one of the major challenges faced by the client. The client wanted to capitalize on lucrative opportunities of e-commerce distribution channels and improve its net sales. The client needed a more accurate and reliable consumer survey to evaluate and capture sales and opportunities in Japan. The company also wanted actionable insights on changing shopping behavior, needs of consumers and ways to harness its capabilities for retaining profitability.

Our Approach

The survey methodology ensures all aspects of the process are managed to leverage specialized tools, technologies, and implementation enablers. KDMI work closely with the client to ensure the key commerce business drivers and requirements are addressed during the program.

During our survey, our questionnaire included a large variety of services and products which assisted clients to include various key features on their website. This includes:

  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Transaction
  • Online Inventory Updates
  • Email Templates
  • Share product information through the “Email to friend” link in their peer group
  • Share users experience & reviews on a product
  • Gift card coupons and Discount coupons
  • Live chat support
  • Track number of hits on product
  • Order Tracking
  • Status update for items, users, admin, vendor, agent, item category, etc.
  • Newsletter subscription & management
  • PayPal discount
  • Full website control
  • Site layout management
  • Hassle-free content management by the administrator


The Outcome

The client was surprised to see that KDMI was able to deliver a solution in a limited budget and time that works & made their process easy. In addition to this, our analysis and recommendation zoomed in on three major segments that were responsible for more than 80% of client portfolio i.e. jewelry, shoes, and bags. Our clients used data-driven insights to inform its online marketing team and educate their call support.

The result? The company witnessed a continuous increase in net sales through online stores for the last three quarters. Also, the company market positioning increased and enjoyed growth in market share of 8%.

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Pre-Owned Luxury Goods

Helping a Store based Pre-Owned Luxury Goods Company to Leverage E-Commerce Opportunities

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