Drones as a service is an emerging market trend across all regions of the world. The number of drone-based service providers is growing as drone technology is becoming something with infinite potentials. Drones are being used across a range of business applications and among most of the industries including defense, mining, agriculture, construction, transportation, insurance, and others. Today most of the companies are relying on drones to obtain data as this technology can capture and deliver reliable and more accurate data. As purchase prices for drones have plummeted, drone-related services have become affordable enough to use for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Growing Demand for Drones in the Construction Industry

Drones in Construction Industry

Recent years have been very exciting for the world drone industry, as the popularity of the drones have evolved remarkably in every aspect whether it is personal or business application. When it comes to the use of drones, various industries are involved with it. In the past few years, it has been observed that the fastest growing commercial adopter of aerial data comes from the construction, mining, and agriculture industries. Among these three industries, the construction industry is the fastest growing adopter of the commercial drones surging 239% in the last year. The builders on their job sites deploy drones to increase safety, identify potential issues and document & understand site progress.

Growing Demand for Drones in the Construction Industry

Trends in Drone Industry

One of the major drivers for the take-off of drone’s services is the internet. For instance, 3D Robotics created an online community called DIY Drones drone enthusiasts, which has been a key component for the commercialization of drones by creating the ArduPilot. Further, with the exponential advancement within Next Generation Robotics, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, drones as one of the hottest tangible technologies today. The drone service providers are arming their products with advanced technologies and features in order to achieve maximum possible precision and data collection abilities. Such advancements are helping users in efficiently managing their operations and are shaping the entire drone data service industry.

Drones Industry

Drones to Enter a New Era of Automation

The year 2017 was the biggest year for commercial drones. The drones were used in almost every industry. In the U.S., more than 66,000 remote pilots were certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Due to the increase in the adoption of drones, it is expected that the needs for automated flight and workflows will also increase. Moreover, with the improvements to flight automation, drones will be able to evaluate its environment, which is expected to enable smarter in-flight decisions and adaptive flight planning in challenging environments. Furthermore, the drone data have major implications for industries like construction and agriculture, but it is anticipated to drive the adoption of drones in new areas like search and rescue, emergency services, and others.

Drones Industry

Government Focus on Drone Services

In the early days, many governments across the globe were against drone technology as they believed these technologies were a threat to the public’s privacy and security. However, over the past year drones have reflected their worth and forced everyone to rethink about them as a potential technology. Governments across the globe are accepting commercial use of drones and are implementing laws and regulations towards their use. Governments are also using drone’s data services for different purposes such as risk management, public safety, and others. The use of drones in the public sector is expanding rapidly. Rapid advancements in the safety, intelligence, and user-friendliness of modern-day drones, governments are adopting drone technology into their operations more than ever ranging from search and rescue operations to on-site infrastructure monitoring.

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